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Kevin Winbush

I grew up in Memphis Tenn. I’m a disable veteran where I had the chance to do a lot of traveling. I was a cook in the military and would soon own my own business. The thing I remember most about the military was service. I had a restaurant in Portland Oregon where I would start to feed the homeless with my BBQ. I can’t tell you the joy that I got from feeding the homeless, it was a sense of purpose that really spoke to my spirit. My wife and I moved to Arizona after closing our business in Portland Oregon. The hardest thing in life is stepping out in faith trusting that God has a plan better than your plan, and that is what my wife and I did by moving to Arizona, a place where we knew no one and no job how about that for trusting God. It has been the best time in my life because I get a chance everyday to see God show up in my life I started to do my BBQ for some of the car dealers in the area. Then one day I went into Cardinale Way Mazda dealership where the General Manager Donnie said he wanted my BBQ. After a couple of weeks he came to me and ask me to feed the homeless with my BBQ and that the Owner of the dealership had a heart for homeless people. Tell me that God don’t have a sense of humor, I said yes of course and we would start feeding the homeless. After a couple of months Donnie the general manager at the time left to go to another store. They would bring in someone else that didn’t have a heart for feeding the homeless so he told me that they would not support us anymore. I left that day going down the road to feed the homeless and I said to the Lord well what should I do now then God spoke to me immediately and said I didn’t tell you to stop. That day was a turning point in my life, my wife said we must trust God and that is what we did. We were feeding 30 meals at that time and God would grow our ministry from the 30 meals 500 where I would get a call from someone at the dealership to say to me that they wanted to partner with us again. It was all a test from God to see if I would trust him if I had support or not. They came back with the support and we would continue to feed the homeless where we have grown from feeding 500 to 3,500 per week. I share this with you that you may consider partnering with our organization. We are committed to seeing people’s lives changed and we believe that in the process they will come to know who Jesus is in there life.