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Bryon Waggoner

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I am an experienced Treasurer working with a non-profit corporation Grace & Mercy Ministries for the last 4 years.  This is a homeless ministry catering to feeding, clothing and housing the homeless population of Phoenix, Arizona. They have a yearly fund raiser that includes silent auction and fundraiser to collect donations for the charity.  Working for the bank I have helped in making sure it runs smoothly on the financial part, funds are collected and registered properly and deposited into the bank account. They run around 1-1.5mm through the charity per year. They have very larger partnerships with United Health Care, Salvation Army and other companies.  We are working on purchasing housing complexes around the valley currently and are looking to have locations that can house homeless population and help with job searches and other needs around the nation over the next 5 years.

JPMorgan Chase Bank


I hold many titles with the bank, currently Relationship Banker, Business Banker and Manager on Duty.  I have been with my present branch for the last 9 years. We are one of two private client servicing branches in our city that manage clients that maintain $250,000 or more in assets with the bank.  I have been a crucial part of my team helping to grow our book of business under management from $68mm in June of 2013 to over $250mm today. I work hand in hand with my private client team of financial advisors, bankers and home lending advisors changing peoples’ lives.   I have a personal book of business of around 550 clients and manage around $54mm in assets. I create a sense of family with my clients and they feel comfortable involving me in every aspect of their financial lives.

I am also one of the strongest business bankers in the Southwest region of Chase Bank for the last 4 years.  I take a special interest in helping my businesses grow from start up to a productive and financial supportive part of our community.  I have many businesses that I have helped in growing to a multi-million dollar business. I have an offer from one of them as their CFO position possibly going through later in the year.

I have been one of the top bankers in the company the last 5 years in a row earning myself a spot on the national sales conference extended to the top 200 bankers in my position.  Last year I was the #50 banker in the nation as a Relationship Banker. I feel my job comes easy to me and I am just doing for my customers what I would want them to do for me if I was on the customer end of the table.  I work with many non-profit companies helping them with financial concerns and issues and go out of my way making sure their banking runs smoothly. I help with business registration and tax id issuance for my clients. I open the business relationships and set them up with products and services that will help them in monitoring the accounts and running day to day operations.  I follow up with my clients on a monthly basis to assure quality control and growth is their main objective. I also deal with fraud and compromised bank accounts on a daily basis. I feel most strongly about my business clients with Chase and am not surprised when they come back to me to establish new businesses continue to grow.

 I am a credit specialist and have financial and investment knowledge.  I carry a series 6 and 63 investment licenses with FINRA and have my Life and Health licenses as well I am also registered as a notary in the state of Arizona and with the NMLS for lending services.

I have helped in running the children’s ministry at my church for the last 9 years and am a very strong figure in my community as a financial resource.  Many of my fellow church members and neighbors do their banking and investing with me. I also have a small homeless ministry that my wife, parent in laws, kids and I have run for the last 3 years.  We prepare home cooked meals and gather clothing donations for the homeless population in downtown phoenix. We go to downtown area normally on a weekly basis for 2-3 hours and serve until we have depleted the food and clothing we bring for men and women.